“It’s not easy to set up a system to track, share, and automate the growing amount of data generated in today’s dynamic diagnostic labs. Slingr not only gives us the power to connect and manage our data but allows us to modify our system to meet our laboratory’s needs easily.”
Michael Roberts, Co-owner


Chem Quant is more than a diagnostic lab. The Chem Quant team is passionate about science and its positive impact on the world. In an age of accelerated technological transformation, that world will only change faster and faster. That’s why Chem Quant built their company focused on the ability to adapt quickly and proliferate.

Chem Quant has evolved from providing analytical method support for other labs to a full-support company in its own right. They have launched their own CLIA lab (CQlabs) to support the emerging direct-to-consumer (DTC) lab industry. 


ChemQuant approached Slingr because of its HIPAA-compliant software platform and expansive talent pool of near-shore developers. ChemQuant’s strategy is to become a leader in direct-to-consumer testing integrated with physician services. 

First, we developed a sales platform to connect to Chem Quant´s website enabling e-commerce. Using Slingr as the foundation for the product catalog and workflows, we added a Stripe endpoint to manage payments and encoded labels to achieve a seamless and dynamic process flow.

With these Slingr-integrated technologies, customers could purchase testing packs online and efficiently ship the samples to the lab by printing a tag. The new ChemQuant application gathers and manages the necessary information, providing real-time tracking to ChemQuant and its customers.

Slingr achieved this project in 3 months with one developer resource. Chem Quant now manages their operations with a fully automated process flow end-to-end, fully integrated to a Slingr LIMS. Slingr LIMS also integrates healthcare services apps (iHealth, Google Fit, Fitbit) to assemble a comprehensive portfolio of patient data.


  • Expansion to new direct-to-consumer (DTC) business division
  • Efficient logistics management
  • No more manual transfer of data from labs to customers
  • Rapidly adaptable to changing COVID dynamics