Slingr takes you from
idea to finished project.

Speed to Market

With Slingr, the road to a minimal viable product has never been shorter. Slingr’s professional services division builds exactly what you need, working in conjunction with your team through the entire process. Project completion from our team is incredibly fast because we build your project on Slingr's low-code platform, which makes development 50% faster and makes it easier for your IT department to maintain and monitor your application.

Startup Services

With Slingr, you get

A dedicated, full-time team of developers to build your project on our proprietary low-code platform, priced on a per developer basis so you only pay for as few or as many coders as your project needs.
Regularly scheduled releases of your product, to provide an opportunity for your team to offer feedback on a working model.
Continued support after launch via our affordably-priced extended support plans that let you choose the level of support your project needs.
Easy ongoing maintenance and modification through slingr’s platform —built so anyone can use it.

Put one of the best low-code development teams in the world to work on your next project.
Let's build something great together.