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"Slingr not only made our development process faster and cheaper but provided end-to-end HIPAA compliance that was crucial for building applications that met our rigorous privacy standards."
Scott Rediger, CEO
Visible Genomics
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Why Slingr?

Realize business value faster
with the flexibility of low-code.
Your personalized roadmap prioritizes the features that address your most costly manual processes.
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Infuse your workflows with
Al automated processes.
Minimize the need for manual labor, reduce errors, and re-deploy employees to higher-value activities.
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Leverage our developers to turn your aspirations into reality.
We bring a  "let's get something working and build on it" versus a costly, up-front design method.
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HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant out of the box, which means you're that much more secure, and that much faster.

Powerful Integrations Portfolio

Choose from pre-built connectors or utilize powerful protocols like SOAP, SQL, REST, and OData.


Trusted by industry leaders

"It’s not easy to set up a system that can track, share, and automate the growing amount of data being generated in today’s dynamic labs. Slingr not only gives us the power to connect and manage our data but also allows us to easily modify our system to meet our laboratory’s needs."

Michael Roberts
CO-Owner at ChemQuant Labs

"Slingr offered HIPAA compliance and the degree of control over our data security that made it possible for us to trust their platform. They also delivered on exponentially reducing our development timetable and made the entire process so easy! Anyone working in healthcare technology should be using Slingr."

Alan L. Creighton

CEO at Transform9

"From a technical standpoint, we need people who know what they’re doing, who are willing to adapt and give us straightforward solutions. Slingr’s staff augmentation solution was exactly the service we needed. Our team really delivered and provided the added convenience of a nearshore time zone, strong English-speaking talent, and affordable rates."

Benjamin De Point
Vice President Engineering

"When you run a B2B enterprise, there’s a lot of noise, especially around what your stack is going to look like and what vendors you’re using. Slingr helped us to cut through that noise by connecting everything we use seamlessly, helping us to go even further to serve the veteran community."

Steve Chang
Co-founder at Headlamp

Use code for solutions, not application plumbing

Let Slingr handle the boilerplate tasks.

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