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Design, build, run, and monitor enterprise apps on the cloud.

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Create powerful enterprise apps

Slingr has been built from the ground up to support enterprise grade applications. Spend more time solving business problems and less time creating tech infrastructure.

enterprise apps
Enterprise apps require complex data models and workflows that need to be automated. Slingr offers powerful no-code tools, but we’ve still got Javascript for when custom code makes more sense. With Slingr, you’re never locked into just one way to solve a problem.
Slingr offers a fine-grained permissions system that allows you to define the most complex authorization schemas as well as authentication through SSO and OAuth 2.0. Slingr also includes all the features you need to create apps compliant with regulations like HIPAA or SOC2.
Know what’s going on in your app at any time. Receive alerts when problems are detected in your apps so you can take action immediately. Keep a history of all the changes in the data and actions performed by users so that it’s easy to audit your app.

Integrate with anything

Whatever you need to connect, it’s possible with Slingr. Take advantage of third-party services, legacy systems, or other data sources with endpoints, components that give you access to the outside world

There are more than 50 endpoints ready to use in your app to connect to third-party services or protocols (FTP, SMTP, SQL, etc.)
If you don’t find the endpoint for the service your team relies on or you have legacy systems you need to integrate, Slingr’s platform provides an SDK to create endpoints that can connect to anything.
Slingr not only allows you to easily integrate with other services but also generates a documented and easy-to-use REST API as you build your app. This will allow any other system to talk to your app without problems

Super fast and consistent UI

Don’t spend days creating the layout for common user interfaces. Slingr’s building blocks allow you to create complex and consistent UI in minutes.

Create the most common views with just a few clicks using our built-in view types: grids, workflows, records, calendar, dashboards. Move fast and keep your UI consistent.
No need to figure out how to make your app look good on desktop and mobile devices. Slingr takes care of it automatically.
When the built-in view types are not enough for your needs, you can always fall back to custom views, where you have the opportunity to code with HTML/CSS/Javascript to achieve your goals.

Tough apps that scale to your needs

Slingr apps are built ready to deal with heavy-duty loads. Add instances, increase your app’s memory, and upgrade your database with just one click.

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As you face a higher load, you can easily add more instances to your app to handle it. Upgrading your database is also an easy, one-click task.
Don’t assume big upfront costs. Instead, pay more as you grow and your resource usage goes up (number of instances, integrations and size of database.)
Don’t worry about spinning up and configuring servers and databases, we take care of all the infrastructure for you. Just focus on building great apps.

Evolve your apps along with your business

Businesses change all the time. Slingr has features that allow you to react quickly to those changes and evolve your apps as needed. Adapt your app to your business and not the other way around.

Configure instances
Your app’s UI, model, and database are automatically refactored as you make changes. No need to go through your entire app making careful adjustments every time you make a modification.
Create apps from templates (or create your own) and make the adjustments that you need while still receiving updates from the template.
Set up multiple environments in the Slingr platform so that you can make changes safely in the development environment, test them in the staging environment, and sync to production once everything is ready.
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