Professional developers choose Slingr

Focus on crafting effective business solutions

Let Slingr handle the routine tasks.


Design, build and monitor enterprise applications

Use Slingr to quickly create applications that automate workflows. You drive the product roadmap that realizes the most value the soonest. 

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Write code that solves the problem, not the plumbing

Slingr is the premier low-code platform explicitly designed for professional developers in a world where time and precision are paramount. Unlike other low-code platforms that cater primarily to citizen developers and impose significant limitations, Slingr empowers you to integrate a substantial amount of custom code, creating finely tuned, sophisticated automation solutions.

Auto-generated UI/API

For rapid iterations

Slingr automatically generates interfaces making it easy to test and perfect functionality and workflows on applications.

Pre-built components

Accelerate timelines

A library of pre-built components and templates saves time and money without sacrificing flexibility or quality.

Integration framework

Connects with anything

Slingr integrates with hospitable and hostel interfaces and features a robust library of packaged integrations.

Productization features

Build your product on Slingr

Robust features to support application multi-tenancy, clones, and branding.

Create powerful enterprise apps

Create powerful enterprise apps

Built to support enterprise-grade applications, Slingr gives developers more time to solve business problems at the last mile of automation.

The fine-grained permissions and security-centric architecture empower you to create applications with confidence. The platform covers the security requirements of most compliance frameworks, including HIPAA and SOC2 and supports secure access management through SSO and OAuth 2.0.

Integrate with anything

Extend the functionality of your applications using our packages framework. Whether integrating external services, adding new features, or sharing solutions with the community, packages become a crucial component in leveraging the versatility of the Slingr platform. With more than 50 pre-built packages, every Slingr app is integration-ready.

Super fast and consistent UI

Super fast and consistent UI

Don’t spend days creating the layout for common user interfaces. Slingr’s building blocks allow you to create complex and consistent UI in minutes.

Create the most common views with just a few clicks using our built-in view types: grids, workflows, records, calendar and dashboards. Move fast and keep your UI consistent.

Adapt applications to changing technical environments

Commercial off-the-shelf applications (COTS) accomplish specific valuable functions but often constrain the pace of change. Integrated with COTS, Slingr is the innovation layer that enables rapid development of new features and integrations, particularly as companies endeavor to infuse workflows with artificial intelligence technologies. 

Your app’s UI, model, and database are automatically refactored as you make changes. No need to go through your entire app making careful adjustments every time you make a modification.

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