Escaping Tech Bro Mansplaining: Female Founder's and Low-Code Empowerment

Today, we spoke with a female founder evaluating software development partners to help extend and accelerate her AI roadmap. During the call, we learned that one of the shops she was considering decided they needed to mansplain to her how email works.

The tech industry, notorious for its gender disparities, has long been challenging for female founders. While women-led startups are rising, female founders often endure well-meaning but condescending “mansplaining” by tech bros eager to explain concepts we already grasp.

As the founder of Slingr, a low-code application solutions company, I've experienced firsthand the frustrations of securing developers who genuinely understand the desired business outcomes, can bypass unconscious bias and align services to meet the founders where they are.

Slingr is changing the game. 

Slingr’s low-code platform provides pre-built application infrastructure covering the basics of every web-based service: security, fine-grained permissions, API, data modeling, UI development, events processing and an integration framework.

When we talk with founders, we focus on the business outcome. We evaluate existing technology and whether they want to replace or extend it to satisfy roadmap or last-mile customer success requirements.

Low-code software development allows founders to prototype, iterate, and launch their products without relying heavily on traditional development teams. The benefits are manifold:

  • Autonomy: Low-code allows female founders to reduce the development expense of their MVP and launch, giving them the freedom to staff their teams or outsource 
  • Speed and Agility: Low-code accelerates development cycles, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration, which is crucial for startups in fast-moving markets.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Low-code solutions are more affordable than traditional development and lifecycle management.

Founders can build their products with confidence and predictability of development timelines and budgets.

Of course, there will always be instances where specialized technical expertise and custom code are required to achieve a business outcome. That’s why Slingr blends low-code platform and staff augmentation, giving founders a complete solution.

As more female founders discover the power of low-code, we expect to see a surge in innovative, women-led startups that challenge the status quo and reshape the tech landscape. Slingr is proud to be at the forefront of this movement. We can unlock a new wave of innovation by empowering individuals with the tools and resources to codify their domain expertise into software.

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