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August 9, 2023

The top 5 reasons it’s time for low-code LIMS

Traditional LIMS are built on a rigid foundation of custom code, making them difficult and expensive to modify. This flexibility is essential for laboratories that must keep up with changing business needs and regulatory requirements. As a result, traditional LIMS quickly become outdated and need help to meet the needs of transforming businesses.

As labs and telemedicine become the centerpieces of affordable healthcare, the role of lab automation must expand to serve new stakeholders, business models, and health technologies. In a world where direct-to-consumer (DTC) testing and telehealth models offer expanded healthcare alternatives, traditional LIMS are limited to operations associated with the orderly processing of test samples and results.

Instantly, low-code LIMS gives labs the ability to:

  1. Create new healthcare models.  As labs evolve to become a centerpiece of modern healthcare, there will be many unforeseen automation demands. Low-code LIMS can add features, integrations, and workflows, eliminating the need continuously add and integrate new solutions.
  2. Interoperate between systems. Low-code LIMS can integrate with anything with an interface, making it easy to ensure data gets wherever needed. 
  3. Support new healthcare stakeholders. To provide holistic patient care, healthcare teams will grow to include new participants. Genetic counselors, mental health professionals,  and counselors will need easy access to test results. Slingr low-code LIMS supports fine-grained permissions to allow unlimited group designations.
  4. Quickly address customer requests. Lab clients will also evolve and require their labs to provide complementary technologies to support their ambitions. Low-code LIMS can uniquely help labs offer differentiated solutions that help them stand out.
  5. Rationalize their technology budget. Labs typically engage with a LIMS software company to configure and implement a LIMS once, after that, facing complexity concerning ongoing changes and feature requests. Slingr Solutions is your LIMS partner, aligning your initial configuration with your lab processes until they fit like a glove. The Slingr team makes ongoing changes, develops new features, and integrates new services for a modest monthly production support fee.

For many labs, selecting off-the-shelf LIMS products is a natural act met with acceptable results. For labs experiencing LIMS constraints, non-scalable spreadsheet collections, and knowing that another packaged product isn’t the answer, it’s time to consider Slingr low-code LIMS.