Top 10 reasons to extend your legacy procurement system with Slingr low-code solutions

Automate laborious email interactions using AI in combination with Slingr's low-code platform to create a unique customer experience, cost savings, and an adaptable technology roadmap.

1. Streamlined data entry: By routing incoming emails to a Slingr app, AI can automatically extract relevant information and create records, significantly reducing the manual data entry burden associated with legacy systems.

2. Automated workflows: The AI-powered Slingr app can initiate and manage downstream workflows based on the content of incoming emails, eliminating the need for manual intervention and accelerating procurement processes.

3. Reduced friction in onboarding: BPOs can offer a more user-friendly solution that doesn't require extensive training on cumbersome legacy applications, making it easier to onboard new clients and employees.

4. Cost-effective modernization: By leveraging Slingr's low-code platform, BPOs can rapidly develop and deploy AI-powered procurement solutions without extensive custom development, offering a more affordable alternative to full-scale legacy system replacement.

5. Improved accuracy and consistency: AI-driven data extraction and processing can minimize errors associated with manual data entry in legacy systems, leading to more reliable procurement data and processes.

6. Enhanced scalability: The combination of AI and Slingr's low-code platform allows BPOs to quickly scale their automated procurement solutions to handle increasing volumes of emails and transactions without a proportional increase in human resources.

7. Faster implementation and iteration: Slingr's low-code approach enables rapid development and deployment of AI-powered email automation solutions, allowing BPOs to implement and refine their offerings quickly to meet client needs.

8. Seamless integration: Slingr's platform offers pre-built connectors and supports various protocols, making integrating AI-powered email automation with existing procurement systems and workflows easier.

9. Improved employee satisfaction: By automating tedious tasks associated with legacy systems, procurement professionals can focus on more strategic, value-added activities, potentially increasing job satisfaction and retention.

10. Competitive advantage: BPOs can differentiate themselves by offering a modern, AI-driven solution that addresses the pain points of legacy procurement systems, positioning themselves as innovative partners in procurement transformation.

By partnering with Slingr and implementing AI-powered email automation, procurement BPOs can offer clients a faster, more cost-effective solution that overcomes the limitations of legacy systems, an attractive alternative to traditional, friction-laden procurement solutions.

If you're ready to learn more about easy deal management with an automated solution from Slingr, book an intro meeting with our team here.

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