October 6, 2023

Why labs love low-code LIMS

The role of testing labs is expanding to serve new stakeholders. Earlier laboratory information systems focused on limited mass-market functionality, delivering standard test results to all stakeholders. 

Today’s labs must share information with many parties, including regulatory, community, and federal health agencies, patients, genetic counselors, and therapists. Labs that share vast amounts of sensitive data must do so securely and in increasingly user-personalized formats. New equipment, test methodologies, and third-party tools (artificial intelligence) must be part of the end-to-end solution.

A modern healthcare business needs an intelligent software tool that can provide flexible and agile solutions to these challenges and has the potential to accelerate the development and deployment of automation that improves the experience of laboratories’ stakeholders.

  1. Slingr LIMS aligns with the lab’s preferred workflows

Many LIMS force the lab to conform to workflows designated by the software. To adopt automation, lab technicians and scientists must learn new software AND re-engineer existing practices to align with the new LIMS.

Low-code LIMS aligns with the practices of the lab. If the lab is happy with its workflow, Slingr LIMS aligns the automation to support it. Where the lab workers see an opportunity for improvement, the Slingr LIMS can create new workflows in collaboration with the lab.

  1. Slingr makes it easy to integrate new technologies seamlessly.

Because Slingr LIMS’ foundation is a state-of-the-art low-code platform, we have a built-in infrastructure for efficient integrations, data orchestration, and dynamically generated workflows. Because of Slingr LIMS' unsurpassed flexibility, we can handle unlimited data types, instruments, and devices from various manufacturers and easily integrate with other systems to ensure that the LIMS operates at the pace of change.

  1. Labs can support diverse groups of stakeholders with customized reporting and notifications.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all reports. To win clients, labs must provide results, metrics, and notifications in the formats and frequencies healthcare providers demand. With Slingr Low-Code LIMS, labs can have unlimited groups, each with definitions, including data sharing, reporting, and validation parameters. Slingr LIMS gives labs their reports via SMS, email, API events, and a secure portal.

  1. Slingr LIMS auto-publishes a custom, documented API for secure system-to-system sharing.

Swivel-chair processes that move data from one system to another create bottlenecks and errors. Everyone is aiming for a future where patient data can be securely shared so that at any point in time,  healthcare providers have access to the data they need to achieve the best patient outcomes. This dream doesn’t happen without a long-term API strategy and the willing participation of healthcare providers. Slingr LIMS creates customized LIMS that automatically generate a secure API after each change in the LIMS, enabling labs to participate in an increasingly connected world.

  1. Data validation is precise and customized to achieve accuracy

Our low-code platform automates data validation from different instruments, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. Say goodbye to manual errors and hello to flawless results.

  1. Data analytics your way

Labs, healthcare providers, and patients benefit from different views and insights. With Slingr LIMS, labs can formulate reports and analytics that adapt to the changing needs of healthcare professionals, regulatory agencies, and internal business operations.

  1. Extensible to instrument monitoring, inventory controls, and lab-specific automation needs. 

Lab throughput and reliable turnaround times are among the hallmarks of lab excellence. In addition, by preventing stockouts. Slingr's low-code LIMS can ensure your lab always has the necessary supplies. With real-time insights into the status of your lab's instruments, you can minimize downtime and improve lab performance. 

  1. The Slingr difference: Low-code LIMS automates the last-mile of lab workflows.

Traditional software addresses standard feature sets with limited configuration options. Software vendors manage ONE product roadmap, prioritizing based on determining which features have the most broad-market appeal. With Slingr low-code LIMS, every lab has a roadmap with the features essential to their clients,

Slingr Labs offers the most efficient, customizable, robust, affordable, and accessible Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) on the market. We are the only LIMS designing and creating features for lab-specific workflows. With our low-code LIMS, you'll unlock the full potential of integration, efficiency, and patient care.

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