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Do more every day with Slingr business automation

Slingr's low-code platform allows you to introduce powerful automations into your business quickly and at the greatest possible value. Even better? You can keep using your preferred tools, workflows, and vendors, Slingr wraps around what you already use and makes it better.

AI-powered appointment scheduling

Transform9 brings together many years of experience in telecom, technology, healthcare, and call center management to solve an age-old problem: Patients unable to get in touch with their doctor’s office. With Transform9's AI call center, healthcare practices became able to seamlessly handle patient communication at any call volume, 24/7.

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Serving Patients Better With Automation

ChemQuant approached Slingr because of its HIPAA-compliant software platform and expansive talent pool of near-shore developers. ChemQuant’s strategy is to become a leader in direct-to-consumer testing integrated with physician services. To achieve that, ChemQuant needed to automate their processes to work at scale.

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